Robert Winterstein

a UX/UI designer who
loves to code

What I do

UX/UI Designer & Developer
from Orlando Florida.

I create minimal websites and applications that are easy to use by focusing on the content, respecting margins, and adding subtle interactions that engage the user.

My passion for design sparked when I was approaching graduation at Florida Atlantic University. After receiving my degree, I decided to pursue my passion by joining Bloc’s Designer Track. Then I landed an internship at Apple as a UX/UI Designer working on internal websites and platforms. I've recently starting working with React (this site is my first project 😄) and knowing front-end development has made me a stronger designer.

Fun facts: I'm a sucker for great branding (almost bought a brand of almond milk just because of it), cookies & cream flavored anything, and craft beer.

Where I've worked

UX/UI Design Internship
Apple | Jan 19 – Jun 19

On the AI/Machine Learning team, I worked on design and development for internal software platforms, application that utilize machine learning, the team’s design system, websites, and demo applications for WWDC 2019.

Technical Expert, Operation, and Sales
Apple Retail | Aug 13 – Current

I’ve had the opportunity to impact multiple areas of Apple Retail during my six years here while working across three different stores. I started in sales, then moved to operations, and now I currently work at the Genius Bar as a Technical Expert. My current role involves troubleshooting hardware and software, repairing devices, and training new hires.

Projects &
Case Studies

A collection of my work and the tools and technologies I used in the process

Francisco Serrano

Single page, resume website with dark mode functionality

Figma | React | Gatsby | NetlifyVisit

Alex Felix Bendaña

A portfolio website for a screenwriter/producer

Figma | React | Gatsby | NetlifyVisit

Wedding Website

My wedding website, designed and built from the ground up

Figma | React | Gatsby | NetlifyComing Soon


A demo application for the iPad to showcase machine learning features



Find businesses that accept Apple Pay all in a single, easy to navigate application


Cloud Space

A simple way to save information and collaborate with others all in one easy-to-use environment

Sketch | Illustrator | HTML/CSSView

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