Robert Winterstein

UI Designer + Front End Developer

What I Do

UI Designer
from Orlando, Florida.

I design and build websites and applications that are easy to use by focusing on content, respecting margins, and adding subtle interactions that engage the user.

My passion for design sparked when I was approaching graduation at Florida Atlantic University. After receiving my degree, I decided to pursue my passion by joining a design bootcamp with Thinkful (formerly Bloc). During the bootcamp, we also learned front end development, and I quickly started loving the problem-solving aspects of it and seeing my designs turn into a real-world product. After completing the bootcamp in 2019, I landed my first internship at Apple as a UX/UI Designer working on internal websites and platforms. In September of 2020, I got another internship with Apple as a Web Developer working on email templates, websites, and some UI design.

Some fun facts: I'm a sucker for great branding — almost bought a brand of almond milk just because of it — cookies & cream flavored anything, and craft beer.

Where I've Worked

UI Designer
RealTime Services | Apr 2022 – Current

As the first designer at RealTime Services, I've had the opportunity to create a design system and style guide from scratch as a guide for our design language and a source of truth for handoff to developers. After creating our styles and assets, one of our largest tasks was developing a new version of our PEO software platform where I created design mockups to give it a refresh, modern look and feel while also prioritizing functionality. In addition to the designs, I also assist our development team in implementation using Angular, Material Design, HTML, and SCSS.

Web Developer Internship
Apple | Sept 2020 – Apr 2021

With the Retail People Communications team, I worked on both design and development to create email templates, websites, and implemented a GitHub solution to host a podcast. The main technologies and tools I used during the internship include HTML, CSS, Stylus, Kit, Gulp, Sketch, and Figma.

UX/UI Design Internship
Apple | Jan 2019 – Jun 2019

On the AI/Machine Learning team, I worked on design and development for internal software platforms, an application that utilizes machine learning, the team’s design system, websites, and demo applications for WWDC 2019.

Projects &
Case Studies

A collection of my work and the tools and technologies I used in the process

Resume Website

Single page, resume website with dark mode functionality

React | Gatsby | Netlify | FigmaVisit

Portfolio Website

A portfolio website for a screenwriter/producer

React | Gatsby | Netlify | FigmaVisit


A demo application for the iPad to showcase machine learning features



Find businesses that accept Apple Pay all in a single, easy to navigate application


Cloud Space

A simple way to save information and collaborate with others all in one easy-to-use environment

HTML/CSS | Sketch | IllustratorView

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